About Us

We live in a fast-paced world, the world moving at a dizzying pace where life becomes a blur. There are times in our lives we wish would never end, memories we wished we could just PAUSE life as it is to relive the moment, to cherish and to engrave in our hearts do it would never depart. We at PAUSE help you do exactly that, we capture moments, freeze memories, help you recreate and re live those special times in minute detail. We believe a good image captures and conveys the rawness of the moment and the emotion. Every picture has a story behind it. We bring out the story behind every picture, every emotion and thus freezing your precious moments to perfection!


Over the years, PAUSE has established a unique working style and is excited about everything they can learn about this fascinating industry. Call us when you need someone who truly understands how to make the perfect story come together.